About Us


In 2008, the ministries of St Andrew’s, Rosthwaite, the Holy Trinity, Grange and Methodist Church in Grange had a shared problem. With a diminishing and increasingly fragmented local population, how could the churches maintain all three buildings and continue to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of the Borrowdale Valley and its community?

At the time, the Valley lacked something important – a means of telling the story of the valley and its community to the thousands of visitors who come to experience its rugged beauty each year. So the congregations came together to discuss using the churches to help visitors understand what gives the valley its character and what it means to live here today – hence The Borrowdale Story was born – with the churches once again, at the heart of the community!

The aim of The Borrowdale Story is twofold:

a) to enrich the experience of our visitors, encouraging all who come here to understand what makes it so special, to spend more time here, to support our local businesses and perhaps to make return visits to learn – and enjoy – more of the valley.

b) to enhance the experience of the local community spread across the six hamlets in the valley. By working together to produce the interpretation boards, leaflets and other resources, it has helped those who live and work in the valley to discover their shared history and identity. Going forward, this website and possibly a future Facebook page, will serve as a community noticeboard, alongside a quarterly email newsletter to keep folk up-to-date on local valley news.

How you can get involved

To continue and evolve, the project needs the support of visitors and locals alike.

  • Become a part of our story: perhaps you or your family once lived and worked in the valley. Perhaps you came on holiday? Perhaps you went to school here, or got married in one of the churches? Alternatively, perhaps you and your family would like to move here in future? Do tell us your links to the Valley, in words or pictures.
  • If you have family connections or any other relationship with the Valley, please add a note to the story board in at the Methodist Church in Grange. Alternatively, use the “Contact Us” link on this website. When we get our Facebook page organised, we hope people will post their photos direct!
  • Maybe you just share our passion for this wonderful place? If so, perhaps you might consider becoming a Borrowdale Valley Supporter? We need help collating and editing material for the Story, volunteers to help organise social events, people to contribute local information for the email newsletter, a social media guru to run a Facebook page (!), volunteers to clean/open/close the buildings, and the list goes on.

Community Funding is available

As we look forward to 2016, to encourage and support people who do get involved, grants can be made available to help fund activities which contribute to the two aims of the project.

So if you have an idea which could enrich the experience of our visitors and/or enhance the experience of the local community, do get in touch!

The Borrowdale Story is managed by a small committee, made up of local valley residents, who would be delighted to consider applications when they meet every couple of months. Just click on this website’s “Contact Us” page, or simply add a note to the story board in at the Methodist Church in Grange.  With any luck, soon you will be able to find us on Facebook.


November 2015