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NEW MAGAZINE. The Church in Borrowdale is starting to say Good-bye to the Benefice of Upper Derwent and Hello to Saint John’s, Keswick. It’s an exciting time. Welcome to Charles Hope, our new vicar. First a word of thanks to Peter Vivash and the Churches in Braithwaite, Thornthwaite and Newlands. It’s been good to work with you and our Vicar, Peter, has always helped and guided us. The immense amount of time Peter put into the Valley, our churches and the school is much appreciated. This magazine which he has pulled together for years has served us well, but now we have to create our own magazine – The Borrowdale News. The first edition was published for the 1st of April 2016. Jeff Hall (77856) has kindly agreed to handle distribution; Sharon Thompson (77032) will handle business advertisements; and Gill Bulch will be our artistic/graphic advisor. Malcolm (77671) shall try and pull the thing together. Of course, we are dependent on you reading it and contributing to it – cartoons, photographs, news, plans and general complaints about everything! Remember it is to be a community project sponsored by the Church in Borrowdale. The Borrowdale News is distributed free to every household and business in the Valley (including second homes and holiday lets) and to 50 people who live away and have asked to receive it every month. We hope that you will advertise your skills in this new venture. We believe that it will bring you work. The cost for a small advertisement will be £35.00 for one year.

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December 2015

New Vicar of Borrowdale. Charles Hope is an Oxford Graduate who has been ordained for twenty-four years. He is 52 years old and married with three children. He will live in Keswick, but he will also be Vicar of Borrowdale. He says: “Borrowdale is an exciting part of my new job, and I am very much looking forward to getting to know those who live in the valley and those who work with them. Rural Ministry is a side of church life that I don’t have much experience of although my grandparents were farmers. “

He has served in the army as a TA Chaplain and worked in some difficult areas in the inner city of Newcastle. He is a mountain man, and we can expect to have an enthusiastic and exciting time when he arrives in May. More details to follow.

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CHRISTMAS LUNCH FOR SLIGHTLY OLDER PEOPLE: Malcolm Stonestreet welcomed thirty-nine members of the Borrowdale Community, on behalf of The Church in Borrowdale, to a splendid Christmas Lunch at the Borrowdale Hotel. We were very well looked after and all enjoyed good food and wine and a good crack. In his speech Malcolm said:

Firstly thank you to Joyce and David Walker who have arranged this annual event for well over twenty years. We will try to maintain their good work. The Slightly Older People are the heart and the workforce of the community. The young are often under huge pressure with work and families – it is we who will service the needs of the Borrowdale Community.

A new vicar has been appointed. He is Charles Hope and we understand he has a special interest in small communities and in the farming industry. We look forward to welcoming him in May. He will live in Keswick. Gay was a wonderful community minister. She knew us all and she cared for us all. In my book her work amongst us was exceptional. The truth is we will never again have anyone quite like Gay.

It is you and I who will have to ensure Borrowdale is a community. Each one of us will have to give just a little bit more time, effort and love into the pot. Judith and I will do our bit but it depends on each one of you doing your bit to ensure this is a real community. I believe that The Church in Borrowdale will remain the engine of our community life and I will work to see that we are available to everyone and that there are lots of possibilities of us working together.

Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Please drink with me a toast to “Borrowdale”.


November 2015
Remembrance Ceremony at Castle Crag – Sunday, 8 November 2015: Despite a very wet day, over 150 people turned out for the Remembrance Day Ceremony on Castle Crag. Miles Jessop, former church warden of Saint Andrew’s and owner of the Scafell Hotel, gave a reading (war poem) and a prayer as well as a short speech about the men of Borrowdale lost in WW1. Click on the following link to see the 2015 event:
There is a service on Castle Crag every year.  Everyone is welcome.


September 2015

Sunday, September the sixth – a beautiful day but a sad one. The valley came together to say good bye to its Vicar GAY PYE and her faithful husband, Terry. First we gathered at Saint Andrew’s; the Church was full. We had great hymns and modern songs, and we had readings and prayers. Gay spoke to us both of her joy in living here for nearly ten years and her sorrow in leaving. However, she was certain the time had come to move on. Then she spoke about the relationship she and Terry so cherished with God through Jesus. Once again she asked us to take that step of faith and believe. Her ministry amongst us was profound. We really all felt she knew us and cared for us. Her life was a challenge to many of us.

After the service over a hundred of us came together for lunch at The Glaramara. Many of the couples Gay had married had travelled back to the valley for this special occasion. The Vicar, Peter Vivash, thanked everyone for coming and thanked Gay and Terry for all they had given to us. A wonderful book of photographs of shepherds and sheep was presented together with a cheque for over a thousand pounds. Malcolm Stonestreet presented Terry with a bouquet.


June, 2015

MARJORIE ROSCAMP died on 12th June 2015 and was buried at Saint Andrew’s Church, Borrowdale, after a service in Grange Church. She was 108.

Marjorie was born at the beginning of the twentieth century. She married the son of an Anglican priest and was a faithful member of the church all her life. She was a school teacher, a Sunday School Teacher and the leader of the Guides. She had two children who looked after her so well during her last years. When she retired, they moved from Cheshire up to Borrowdale and brought with her a commitment to a host of people and projects – but high in priority was her desire to support The Mission to Lepers, now known as The Leprosy Mission. For this she worked tirelessly and encouraged many others to understand both the needs and opportunities of helping in this area. Sulphone, a simple and inexpensive drug can cure the disease, if it is caught early enough, but such is the stigma of this disease in many parts of the world that sufferers hide away in shame. Marjorie raised tens of thousands of pounds for this work. Her life in Cheshire, Borrowdale and throughout the developing world made a significant contribution. Lives were changed. People were healed. The Children in our school visited this remarkable old lady in her home just as she had for years visited the school. On the day of her funeral the school stood in the doorway of Saint Andrew’s and sang her favourite hymn – Away in a Manger.

A large crowd filled the Church on that day – old Sunday school pupils, now in their seventies, representatives of the Leprosy Mission and many, many friends and family from the valley and others who had traveled several miles to be present and to say thank you for a remarkable life.